Advance Care Planning Design & Implementation Training Course

Event on: 2022-January 18th : - :

The Greater Flint Health Coalition Your Health Your Choice Advance Care Planning (ACP) Project will be hosting an ACP Design & Implementation Course. This training course provides participants with a thorough understanding of the Respecting Choices ACP model, why it is successful when other ACP models aren’t, and how to incorporate the model into their own workflows.

Attendance is recommended for those interested in incorporating advance care planning in their organization or organizational leaders and staff involved in the implementation of ACP within their departments, practices, or other sites.

Workshop is designed for individuals or organizations who are working in the health professions, particularly nurses, social workers, allied health staff in general practice, palliative care, home visiting, case management, etc. as well as those working with the aged through senior centers, senior support services, elder law, churches, community organizations, etc.

There is no cost associated with participating in the ACP Design & Implementation Training Course.