Genesee County Community-Wide Opioid Strategy

The opioid epidemic, now a nationwide public health emergency, does not discriminate the individuals and communities that it impacts. Genesee County is no exception. According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Genesee County ranks third behind Wayne County and Macomb County in the number of opioid overdose deaths in 2019 at 138, down from 184 in 2018.1 In 2019, 70,630 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States, where opioids were involved in over 49,860, or 70.6% of all drug overdose deaths.2

Under the direction of the Mental Health & Substance Use Task Force, the Community-Wide Opioid Strategy seeks to engage children, seniors, and our community’s residents most impacted by the opioid crisis through a collaborative, multi-sector effort to build and strengthens current workforce capacity, utilize upstream prevention strategies, and create an innovative, integrated model that coordinates care, services, and community resources to improve the treatment for and prevention of opioid misuse.

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An additional 2-year MHEF grant has been obtained to implement the “Integration of Peer Recovery Support Systems to Strengthen Access to Addiction Treatment” project.

Expansion of existing efforts include:

  • Incorporation of peer recovery support services for non-opiate substances
  • Integration of peer recovery coaches into community and clinical settings
  • Development and distribution of non-opiate treatment resources

State of Flint Kids

With so many different resources available for data, the State of Flint Kids website aims to be a constant and up-to-date resource for local Flint and Genesee County data. This interactive website allows you to review data and data trends for over 300 different indicators. The State of Flint Kids website shares data about how Flint kids are doing, what has been learned along the way, and most importantly, the ongoing and long-term work that must be done to ensure the best outcomes for children.

State of Flint Kids is a partnership between the Greater Flint Health Coalition and the Michigan State University/Hurley Medical Center Pediatric Public Health Initiative, funded by the Flint Kids Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.