City of Flint Awarded Three Medals by Let’s Move! For Healthy Activities in Community

City of Flint Mayor Dayne Walling and Greater Flint Health Coalition President & CEO Kirk Smith announced today that the City of Flint had been recognized for achievements in community-based health-related activities by the National League of Cities and Let’s Move! Cities, Towns, and Counties.

The City was awarded a total of three medals as recognition by the national Let’s Move! Initiative, which was launched by First Lady Michelle Obama to address childhood obesity. The medals included the following:

  • A Bronze Medal in recognition of the active interagency collaboration on early care and education programs;
  • A Bronze Medal in recognition of 60% of our schools participating in the School Breakfast Program;
  • A Gold Medal in recognition of mapping playspaces, completing a needs assessment of playspaces, developing an action plan, and instituting policies & initiatives to continue to increase physical activity.

These Let’s Move! medals demonstrate national recognition regarding the value and effectiveness of collaborative work in our community, as well as the successful achievements of Commit to Fit!. Upon its launch in 2011, Commit to Fit! was designated as the City of Flint’s official Let’s Move! initiative.

Since its launch, Commit to Fit!’s work throughout Flint and Genesee County has achieved the following milestones: the engagement of over 340 businesses, organizations, churches, and community to promote health and wellness; over 400 local physicians are using Commit to Fit! to educate their patients; over 30 Genesee County schools are working with Commit to Fit! to provide healthier environments, activities, and food choices for students; and, the Commit to Fit! website,, now has over 10,000 users who have collectively logged in over 150,000 different times to track their health behaviors. In total, over 65,000 residents have directly engaged with Commit to Fit! activities, challenges, and the healthy messaging shared.

Mayor Walling also announced that in April, 2014, he will lead a new “Commit to Fit! Mayor’s Wellness Challenge” that will invite all local residents to practice healthier behaviors that improve wellness and well-being throughout the month of April. Residents will be provided with opportunities to improve their health, and other Mayor’s from Genesee County will also be invited to participate as community leaders.

Stay tuned for additional information forthcoming at as well as information on the Commit to Fit! Facebook and Twitter pages.